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A plug and play solution that transform your customers into a social media influencer for your brand

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lower costs on paid
social compaigns

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the number of positive
mentions on social media
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Quantify revenue impact with connected analytics.
Track engagement across touchpoints.
Deepen understanding of top customers.
Reward social contributions
Every activity on social media is rewarded with badges and coins, transforming users into micro-influencers and thereby strengthening their impact and influence.
Gamify the experience
Boost engagement with quests, activities, and missions for more engaging program. These dynamic elements transform participation into a captivating journey, enhancing loyalty.
889/1000 xp
Daily Quests
Special Quests
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Téo Bertrand
Social Media Manager, Michelin
"Bulldog is a real asset in managing our Discord community. Their tool helps us every day to easily analyze the community's favorite topics and moderate their behavior. For Michelin teams, it's a real time saver."
Hugo Martinez
Discord Expert, PyratzLabs
"If you're looking for a viable solution to manage your Discord channels with peace of mind, look no further. Bulldog is the benchmark for moderation and management of online spaces."
Alexandre Taccchini
Co Founder, Nfinity Labs
"Since I started using Bulldog, managing our Discord communities, once scattered and complex, has transformed into a smooth and optimized experience. [...] With Bulldog, everything has become simpler and more intuitive!"